The Guardian ad Litem Program advocates to meet the complex needs of the children it serves through:

GAL Recruitment, Training and Support
The program recruits, trains and supports court-appointed adult volunteers to serve as the representative voice for abused, abandoned or neglected children involved in dependency court proceedings.

Child's Best Interest
While a GAL volunteer addresses the needs of our children in a holistic fashion, child’s best interest attorneys address the legal needs of our children.  CBI attorneys are essential to the overall success of the GAL Program because they provide the necessary legal advice and representation to our volunteer and staff advocates.  This allows us to provide a voice for our children and ensure their best interests are served and protected by the courts.

Children’s Normalcy 
We team up with the Guardian ad Litem Program to ensure kids that have suffered abuse, abandonment or neglect have what they need to experience as close to a normal life as they can while in the dependency system.  This includes providing: beds, clothing, school books, uniforms, and tutors and it also allows kids to participate in activities that every child should be able to enjoy such as: attending summer camp, getting band instruments, sporting equipment, tickets to school activities, dances, and prom.