Speak Up for Kids supports the Guardian Ad Litem Program to advocate for and protect the lives of children in the dependency (including foster care) system - facilitating their development, ensuring their right to a safe and permanent home, and building their future.



Children with a GAL Child Advocate are...
TWICE as likely to find a safe, permanent home
HALF as likely to re-enter foster care
MORE LIKELY to receive available therapeutic services
MORE ATTENTIVE and do better in school
...than any child without a GAL Child Advocate Volunteer.




Research shows that children with a Guardian Ad Litem advocate are
more likely to….

  • Be adopted

  • Find a safe and permanent home

  • Do well in school and graduate

  • Have better conduct socially

  • Participate in after-school and extracurricular activities like "normal kids"

  • Get the services + resources they need for emotional + educational well-being

And children with a GAL are 1/2 as likely to re-enter foster care.

On any given day there are 1200 to 1400 local child victims of abuse, abandonment or neglect in need of a GAL advocate to speak up for them.  Having sufficient staff to recruit, train and support the volunteers, as well as work with the dependency court system, is what is vital and necessary to provide a voice for vulnerable children.