"GAL requests funding for a child who was removed from the brother's home with only a few clothes. The brother is nowhere to be found and the landlord is not letting anyone in the home." - A Request for Funding


"GAL requesting funds for a child has been doing really well in school and successfully completing his probration. He has currently moved to a bad neighborhood and would like to stay focused on his academics as he is in Marines ROTC. The child requested to please get him something to keep him in the house, so that he is not mingiling with bad influence. The child currently walks to the library in order to do his homework and assignments for school." - A Request for Funds


"GAL requests funds for two children who are placed with their non-offending father. The father was recently evicted from his home and currently residing in a motel with children until case management helps dad get a new apartment. Children are in need of school uniforms and supplies (for one child) and clothing for the younger child." - A Request for Funds


"GAL requests funding for a child who is in independent living, does not have a job yet, needs clothes, shoes, and supplies for school. (12 Grade)" - A Request for Funding


"GAL requests funding for a PINK Backpack for a troubled teen. She has disrupted placements by destroying furniture. However, her mom does not wish to see her or be reunified. Supervising Attorney advised that the backpack would be a good incentive for her to follow the diversion program as well as attend school in the fall. We are looking to give her the backpack after one month of good attendance in school and following the rules of her diversion program. She seems very excited about the backpack showed everyone, even the magistrate." - A Request for Funding


"GAL requests funding for football equipment. The league is requesting a security deposit of $150 for all children registered for football season." - A Request for Funding


"The child has a bicycle that has a missing tire and then a flat tire. The child loves to work on projects and anything mechanical. The GAL plans to help the child fix the bike to get it working. GAL would like help purchasing two bike tires for the child." - A Request for Funds


"The child's home was damaged during Hurricane Irma and is unlivable. The majority of the belongings in the home were ruined by wind and rain. A gift card to WalMart would be very helpful for the child to purchase clothes, sheets, toiletries, shoes, etc." - A Request for Funds


"An order was granted for an extended normalcy visit for the child with his sister since he was on runaway. The child had no clothes other than what he was wearing when he arrived to the sister's house. She has requested some help to get him some basics." - A Request for Funds


"I am requesting we pay for child's National Honor Society Club Dues of $25 and her SECME- science IB club dues of $25.00" - A Request for Funds


" The child asked to go see IT for her birthday, she loves scary movies! GAL willing take the child to the movies as long as the caregivers give her permission to see this movie." - A Request for Funds