Coleen LaCosta headshot.jpg

Coleen LaCosta

Executive Director

Coleen LaCosta began her career in victim advocacy 25 years ago while working for the State Attorneys office. That experience put her on the path of transition where she began seeking justice for child victims. A fire was ignited, and that flame morphed into a lifetime of determined, vocal advocacy for our most vulnerable. In all she does, LaCosta aims to break the cycle of abuse and neglect in our community.

As the Executive Director for Speak Up for Kids of Palm Beach County, she works diligently to support local Guardian ad Litem child advocacy volunteers in the quest to herald the child’s best interest. Embracing Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote:

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”,

LaCosta takes on each day with devotion and intensity, leading by example, and lighting the path for others who passionately defend the defenseless.

Ultimately, her heart’s desire is to make better the life of each young victim of maltreatment; see pain replaced by kindness, sadness overcome by happiness, and silence eradicated by voices united to Speak Up.