GALs Can Save A Life

I know what it feels like to save a child’s life. I am a child advocate, a Guardian ad Litem. It is the very best thing that I’ve ever done. I speak for the child that cannot, and I stand with that child so he or she never has to stand alone. I make a difference.

These children have, thru no fault of their own, been abused, abandoned or neglected and the state of Florida has determined that they need our help. We all have an obligation to help them secure a safe place to thrive and grow. Make no mistake about it; there is an entire generation of children at risk. At risk of falling through the cracks of life and ending up dependant on the state forever or worse. We can and will change this cycle together, as a society that recognizes the need for philanthropy. 

As a Guardian ad Litem I have what no other organization can give me. To be a part of a team of a Case Advocacy Manager, an Attorney, a Circuit Director and a Judge.  Professional individuals, all with the goal of representing the child’s manifest best interest. Think about the impact of that in a child’s life, a life that can turn on a dime. 

Where else can I without a legal degree or a medical degree reach down and save a child’s life?  Because this is what a Guardian Ad Litem really does.

We try to gain the child’s trust so that they knows there is one constant in their life. There are others such as case workers, attorneys, doctors, schools, and placements that change around them. But the Guardian ad Litem remains the constant force for them. It is the GAL that can encourage, guide and help monitor the groups of services so desperately needed for that child to prosper.