A GALs Effect + A Boy

“What does the Guardian ad Litem Program mean to me?”


It means a Father to a little boy who never knew one.

It means the first birthday gift for a 15 year old.

It means meeting this wonderful man that he would have never met if it wasn’t for the Guardian ad Litem Program.

It means a Momma (his wife), who says my name with so much love it breaks my heart every time I hear it.

The GAL Program means their dog Max, who I can pet and he won’t bite my finger off.

It means people who care about me more in their left hand than my own grandmother does in her whole body. 

To best describe what the Guardian ad Litem Program means to me …. 


Thank you to anybody who’s a part, been apart or supports the GAL Program. I truly wish you all nothing but the best in life.