Foster Parents + GALs Work Together

Having been foster parents, we believe that it is very important for there to be a Guardian Ad Litem to represent the child.  Our first son's foster case went smooth with very little disruptions before TPR and we were able to move forward with the adoption. 

However, our second son's foster case was very difficult and ended up in court trial to be decided where he should be placed.  We were very fortunate to have a wonderful, caring Guardian Ad Litem to represent and stand up for our son.  This GAL focused on our son and made sure that our he would be placed in a loving, caring family that also placed his interest as priority.  The GAL represented our son in a dignified manner all for the placement of a nine month old baby. 

I end this with the following thought, if it wasn't for these wonderful, dedicated Guardians Ad Litem to represent children that need their voices and needs heard, what would happen with these children?